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Offset Revenue Risks Without Insurance

Transfer your yield and market risks to merchants, stabilize your income.


We are creating an accessible alternative to crop insurance.
Emerging producers with unstable revenues have difficulty accessing finance. Insurance cover can increase their financial credibility, facilitate liquidity and constitute additional financial security but in its current form remains inaccessible to many of them.
Our risk offsetting solution for revenue risks allows producers to sell their future yields and transfer all their yield risk to merchants at a fixed price.

Eliminate The Uncertainty

Make Your Projects Bankable

Production Hedge

With access to other producers producers can partner to cover potential yield deficit.

Skill-Gap Hedge

A team of diversified experts provides technical support during the life of the project.

Market Hedge

Future yields are placed on an offset market to secure a project buyer and at a fixed price.

Common Questions

NB: We are not an insurance or lending company.
We give you access to a hedge certificate you can use to support your finance applications.

Does Riovic sell insurance policies?

No. Riovic is not an insurance carrier or insurance broker and therefore does not sell any insurance products and policies. Riovic helps with risk management and provides a platform for producers and buyers to connect to offset risks.

Does Riovic assess claims?

The Riovic platform helps with the administration and risk analysis of productions sites, producers and projects and is therefore crucial for record maintenance. As an administrator of the platform we facilitate claims.

Does Riovic provide financial advice?

No. Riovic's teams provide technical advice on land and prospective projects and help producers with non-financial service risk management strategies. The platform also does not advertise or sell any financial services and products to users.

Does Riovic provide loans?

No. Riovic provides risk management tools which when use enable producers to plan projects, hedge risk and generate documentation that boost their financial credibility when applying for finance from lenders and investors.


Offset your risks easily on Riovic.